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Building & Infrastructure Commissioning

Building & Infrastructure Commissioning

Concord understands the Owner’s commitment to commissioning their projects to ensure that all systems are well designed, constructed, complete, and functioning properly upon occupancy and that the Owner’s staff has adequate system documentation and training. Concord works closely with the entire design and construction teams to insure that the Owner’s needs and requirements for total building commissioning services are provided. Undertaking construction of a new facility or retrofitting an existing one can be extremely burdensome for Owners. The complexity of today’s building systems makes it nearly impossible for contractors and designers to deliver a facility that works. Concord engineers are building systems experts that have been making facilities work for Owners since 2000 through a formal commissioning/Retro-Commissioning process. Many commissioning firms simply observe and document the commissioning effort (“clip-board” commissioning). With this approach, someone is hired to watch and verify the testing while a second agency conducts the actual test. With our approach, our engineers perform the testing (“hands-on” method), allowing our team to get a “feel” for the system. Our method allows the Commissioning Agent to become the agent for problem resolution, as opposed to just an agent for failed testing identification. We don’t just observe symptoms; we diagnose the problems and provide the solutions that make your facility work.

Featured Projects


  • Project Review
  • Commissioning Plan
  • Manufacturer’s Startup
  • Installation Verification Certification (IVC)
  • Operational Performance Testing (OPT)
  • Functional Performance Testing (FPT)
  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST)
  • Acceptance Testing (Electrical)
  • TAB Verification (Mechanical)
  • Deficiency Tracking & Retesting
  • O&M Manual Review
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • LEED™ Certification


  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient Surgical Centers
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Research and R&D Labs
  • Higher Education Buildings
  • K-12 Schools
  • Datacenters
  • Combined Heat & Power Plants
  • Military Bases
  • Federal Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing & Testing Facilities
  • Hospitality Facilities
  • Detention Centers