• Renewable Energy
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  • Utility Bill Audits
    • Electricity, Natural Gas, Telecommunications / Internet / Wireless, Waste / Refuse
    • Shipping (UPS / FEDEX)
    • Workman’s Compensation
  • Peak Demand Reduction and Curtailment Consulting
  • Energy Conservation
    • Energy Star Benchmarking
    • Energy Budgeting / Forecasting
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy
    • On Bill Financing Strategies / Grants and Incentives

Our team is composed of highly experienced energy experts and professionals who possess the following licenses and qualifications:

  • CEM – AEE: Certified Energy Manager
  • CEP – AEE: Certified Energy Procurement Professional
  • PE – Professional Engineer(s)
  • Energy Advisory & Consulting for Energy Commodities
  • Community Energy Aggregation
  • Utility & Rate Tariff Consulting
  • Utility Bill Audits
  • Peak Demand Reduction & Curtailment Consulting
  • Energy Conservation & Sustainability
  • Trenton, NJ State House
    Consolidated Energy Supply Program (NJCESP)
  • Metal Factory Manufacturing Floor
    Concord Is Exclusive Energy Management Consultant For
  • Power Grid
    Concord Energy Exchange
  • Hoboken, NJ Clocktower At Night
    Concord Supports Local Governments with


Concord has an in-depth understanding of the energy industry from both an energy supplier’s and then user’s perspective. Their team of professionals is experienced with all aspects of strategic procurement law. They provide unique insights to the process and recommend product structures, contract terms and sourcing strategies that were instrumental in achieving our savings goals. Their complete focus is in the best interest of the Cooperative and its Members and was demonstrated by their financial recommendations for contract terms and product/pricing strategies. Their integrity and approach is very refreshing in today’s marketplace where most firms are paid via the awarded third-party supplier and potential recommendations would be in their best interest.

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County Lead AgentConfidential Client, 6 County & Over 100 Local Government Entity Cooperative

As a client of Concord Energy Services for the past ten years, I’ve experienced an exceptional level of service, support and guidance. In this age of market deregulation and complex energy supply options, Concord Energy Services has met / exceeded our objectives related to energy management and sustainability.

On behalf of the management, procurement and engineering personnel, please accept our sincere appreciation for anticipating our needs and assisting our company in maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Vice President, PurchasingConfidential Client,
Food Manufacturer

I have worked many years with Concord Energy Services as my trusted energy advisor and consultant for our commercial properties located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Concord has been laser–focused on providing us innovative solutions that reduce exposure to energy market risks, improving our internal energy commodity procurement decisions and bottom line financial performance. I highly recommend the energy consultant advisory services of Concord Energy Services.

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Senior Property ManagerConfidential Client,
Real Estate Investment & Trust (REIT)

I have just talked to Bob and we both are very excited about the pricing you have procured for us for the next 24 months. We appreciate the trusting relationship that we have and that you are looking out for us all the time. We want to thank you for all your hard work and we are glad of that this relationship will continue for many more years to come!

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Vice President, OperationsConfidential Client,
Manufacturing Facility

I have worked with Concord Engineering for quite a few years now, and have found them to be an extremely knowledgeable and ethical firm. This is a refreshing option in today’s business world.

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Chief Executive OfficerConfidential Client,
Manufacturing Association